Want to know more about our Members? Here is some information about some of them. If you’d like to be part of this page, please get in touch

Simon Banks

Simon Banks was born in Barnet, but then things got slowly more interesting. He wrote poetry until he was about 23 and then stopped. In his fifties he spent a night on Cader Idris, a Welsh mountain, of which legend says if you spend a night there, next day you’re either mad or a poet.  Returning to work for Essex County Council, he won a Halloween-themed poetry competition for council staff with a poem about his night on the mountain. He’s been writing poetry since, and being published in various magazines, so the legend is true. Now retired, he lives in Harwich and writes mostly about things immediately around him such as death, rebirth, mystery, nomads, the sea and hills.

His website and blog is Simonsworlds13.

Patricia Bloom

Patricia Bloom has swapped adventures in The Rockies for unearthing surprises in the garden. Pat is still keeping dreams alive through writing, travel and support from family and friends far-flung and right here in Myland. Honorary President and Founder of Mosaic Poetry.

David Canning

David has been writing since his teenage years when he won first prize in a local writing competition and was published in Isthmus Poetry Magazine.  Having taken a break he again started writing again and has been involved with the Mosaic Group and its predecessors for several years.  He has a poem in the anthology, “So too have the doves gone”, which commemorates the centenary of the first world war.

Candyce Lange

Candyce Lange has been writing since high school in Minnesota. She’s just finished a poetry collection about her quirky alter-ego, Stella,   Candyce also creates art and an installation “Mending Fences” was exhibited at Slack Space in Colchester in Spring 2014.

Rosie Sandler

Rosie Sandler lives near Maldon, in Essex. Her poetry has appeared in a number of publications, including: ‘The Rialto’; the recent Penguin anthology, ‘The Poetry of Sex’; ‘London Grip’ e-zine and ‘Popshot Magazine’. She also writes stories and novels, and runs a blog site called ‘The Poet’s Resource’.

Fred Slattern

Fred has performed in theatres, festivals, pubs, churches, parks, and on streets, across East Anglia. He performed at Gairloch in the Scottish Highlands, in his quest to become Britain’s Most North West Poet. His current project is “Not for Prophets”, (that’s prophets with a “p h” in the middle), exploring the ridiculous notion that Robert Johnson, the Delta Blues singer, is speaking directly to him. Fred’s website: 

Alex Toms

Alex lives in Wivenhoe with her partner and two sons. She is disorganised and scatterbrained, but has managed to have some poems published in magazines and journals including Writers’ Forum, SOUTH and ArtemisPOETRY. In 2012 she was highly commended in the Essex Poetry Festival competition, and last year was highly commended in the Poetry London competition.


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